Recently, there have been some really great duos in the indie pop-electronic space moving to the forefront. These duos include lovely and airy female vocals backed by a nice bed of electronic beats, keys and dreamy melodies. A couple of recent duos that pop into mind that are similar include Coves and Sylvan Esso.

Add to the list Bristol, UK duo Meadowlark, who is comprised of Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley. They have been creating some stellar, indie-poptronic tracks on SoundCloud over the past year, and they just posted “Fly”, which will be included on their second EP titled Dual. We are sharing “Fly” and also one of their earlier tracks, “Family Tree”, which showcases their emotional songwriting. “Family Tree” speaks of a broken family upbringing with lyrics like “Cause if I ever have a lover like my father had my mother, I will say – let me go”. The song is also accompanied by lovely piano and strings.

Dual comes out on March 30th. Check their social media pages for more updates on how to purchase the album.

Facebook: Meadowlark
Twitter: @meadowlarkHQ



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