If there’s one thing we love here at The Revue, it’s bands that have sounds that expand multiple genres. New York’s Malka have a sound that blend shoegaze, dream pop, post-rock, and new wave. They released their debut EP, , yesterday. The 7-track EP was recorded at APT Studio and Elohino Studio in NYC and mastered at 825 studios by engineer Butch Jones, whose resume includes working with Madonna, Talking Heads, Iggy Pop, and B-52s. The Constant State is a dreamy blend of genres, as well as languages. Malka features three vocalists: Darko Saric (guitar, synth and vocals), EJ DeCoske (guitar, synth & vocals) and David Ciauro (bass & vocals) singing in both English and Spanish along with Mike Dawson on drums.

The Constant State starts out with a dreamy, shoegaze opener, “Flock of Crows”. It’s a great track to get acclimated to what Malka is doing. The next track, “For Now We Live”, is an epic experience. It has some absolutely flooring guitar work with reverb laden vocals submerged under an absolutely incredible arrangement. There’s some more straightforward shoegaze with “Meintras Se Respira”, the third track, which features a killer solo at the end. “Wolves and Sheep” features whispered vocals over some incredible, intricate drum work and another jaw-dropping solo that just rocks hard.

“Diamond Girl” is another track that just impresses right from the start. It’s a dreamy shoegazer with some of the best drumming on the record, and, well, just stay tuned for the ending. “Corazon Sin Sange” has some gorgeous, ethereal harmonies, and an awesome bass groove.  The psychedelic closer, “Swoon” is a perfect album closer. It has some of the best guitar and drum work on the record, with an ending fitting of an album as epic as The Constant State.

The Constant State is an incredible record. It is seven fantastic tracks, and they all feel very different from each other. It may be a product of three different singers, but most likely it’s a result of the creativity of Malka. These guys have created one of the best guitar records of the year, and a just all-around great record. The Constant State is out now and available on their Bandcamp or iTunes

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