Every so often a shift occurs in the zeitgeist that creates new fans of old genres: a resurgence in swing music occurred in the mid-‘90s, and the recent Oscar-winning film Whiplash introduced younger filmgoers to jazz, in general, and saxophonist Charlie “Bird” Parker, in particular. “Bird” was name-checked multiple times in the movie, for obvious reason. The man is a legend.

With their debut release, Coldest Kind of Heart, the Brooklyn-based jazz-noir duo Twin Danger will likely cultivate a new generation of jazz fans with their sultry, modern fusion of swinging jazz and soulful blues. This ain’t your grandparents’ jazz, not by a long shot. That staid genre of pearls and suits is now adorned in leather and tattoos.

The pair has a solid pedigree despite this being their first release. Stuart Matthewman is an original member of the group Sade, where he has contributed his unmistakable saxophone sound (and co-writing skills) for the last three decades. Vocalist Vanessa Bley is the daughter of a renowned jazz pianist who worked with Charles Mingus and Charlie Parker. Together they mix a seductive cocktail of noir jazz that makes the old sound intoxicatingly new.

In this case, the Grammy-nominated song for Best Hard Rock Performance in 2003 has received a sexy makeover. Twin Danger have taken the Queens of the Stone Age hit “No One Knows” and turned it on its heels. If a song could have a come-hither look, this one definitely would. When Bley sings the line “pleasantly caving in” at the end of the second verse, you suspect many listeners who might otherwise never listen to jazz will find themselves doing just that. The rest of the album (due April 21, 2015 on Decca/Universal Music Classics) features original material that is equally mesmerizing, including the title track, featured here:


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