Under the pseudonym Slim Twig (website / Twitter), Toronto-born, singer-songwriter and actor Max Turnbull has been creating his unique interpretation of indie music. It’s cinematic, a bit spooky, and incorporates everything from rock to pop to saloon-style blues. If Jonathan Richman comes to mind, that would be a good comparison.

He has released a handful of albums, including A Hound at the Hem, which included string arrangements by Owen Pallet and was re-released by DFA Records, and 2012’s psychedelic pop experience, Sof’ Sike. In addition to his songwriting, he co-owns indie record label Calico Corp, has produced albums for experimental electronic group U.S. Girls, and has scored a documentary, We Come As Friends by Hubert Sauper.

The multi-talented Turnbull’s expansive tastes and abilities are reflected in the books he reads, the music he listens to, and the drinks he consumes. Turnbull was kind enough to provide us a few lists on this week’s Artiste 5.

Favourite Books

  • Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov – I suppose this is a no brainer as I have an album as something of a tribute to this book. A cultural Titanic.
  • The Journalist & The Murderer by Janet Malcolm – Janet Malcolm’s mind is as sharp as they come. As incisive and artful as non fiction gets. A thrilling read.
  • A Confederacy Of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole – Ignatius J. Rielly is a classic character. The literary equivalent of a Jon Wurster creation. The funniest book I’ve ever read.
  • A Sport & A Pastime by James Salter – If a combination of the erotic and the poetic sounds appealing to you, check this book out. Wonderful stuff.
  • In Cold Blood by Truman Capote – Most people have read this one, but it remains one of the most powerful books out there. So inventive, a new literary hybrid was created in it’s wake.

Songs I Wish I Had Written

In no particular order, and quite un-definitively:

  • David Bowie – “Sweet Thing / Candidate’ suite off Diamond Dogs
  • Jimi Hendrix – “Burning Of The Midnight Lamp”
  • Velvet Underground – “I Found A Reason”
  • PiL – “Poptones”
  • Jack Name – “Born To Lose”

Five Bands People Should Know About

  • Danava
  • U.S. Girls
  • Zacht Automaat
  • Tenderness
  • The Highest Order

Five Favourite Beverages

  • Egg Nog
  • Guiness
  • Murphy’s
  • Ballantines
  • Mango Juice

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