I may have been late to the Barstool Prophets bandwagon in Ottawa only becoming a fan at the time of the release of Crank. In my defense, I only moved to Ottawa in 1995. However, I did love what I heard on Crank and was instantly a fan. Crank is now one of my favourite albums, so I was excited to be able to join the band to celebrate its 20th Anniversary at the Shenkman Arts Centre this weekend.

The show started with a humourously narrated history of the band by Jamie Carr (of Come Dine with Me Canada fame). After the audience was warmed up with humour and nostagia, the band launched into the rocking “Mankind Man” and the audience was instantly transported back in time 20 years. The band played two sets of select cuts from their catalog, including a couple lesser played tunes (including “Misplaced”, the hidden track from Deflowered).

No doubt about it, the audience loved the opportunity to celebrate this fantastic album with the band one more time. Let’s hope it’s not the last.
















































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