Blankus Larry is a really cool, psych-garage band out of Washington, D.C., and they just released two new singles, “No Time No Money” and “Girl You Make Me Wanna”. First we share their two new tracks and then ask the ‘unanimously anonymous’ band a few questions.

There is no roster of band members to list as there are some pictures with “Dirdy Larry”, “Larry Carey”, “Blutarticus Larry” or “Cuzin Larry” if you peruse their Facebook page.

“No Time No Money” has that great garage band feel with a few punk undertones and a strong solo of wailing guitars that finishes out the track. “Girl You Make Me Wanna” is about that ever frustrating relationship where you can never make the other person happy no matter what you do. “Girl You Make Me Wanna” is heavy on reverb and psych influences which would make it a really great song to catch live.

Blankus Larry released Hell or High Larry a couple of years ago and the new tracks have a fuller sound with stronger and crisper vocals, so it will be exciting to see what else will be released from the “Larrys” later this year.

So exactly how long is Larry Standard Time?

With Larry Standard Time, or LST, “how long” is relative. It’s a useful framework for time estimation when it comes to the world of Blankus Larry. It’s similar to “Island Time”, but takes into account our various inevitable calamities rather than cocktails and sunshine. Rule of thumb: Quadruple everything.

Is there at least one member really named Larry or is it just to keep everything ‘unanimously anonymous’?

Of course! We’re all Larrys here. Everyone who listens to Blankus Larry and comes to our shows are Larrys. You’re now Larry. It’s a basis for existence in this post-normal world we live in. It’s a source of pride. You should be proud!

So I’m going to make sure and catch Paperhaus this month at SXSW..could there ever be a Blankus Larry/Paperhaus tour in the future?

If you’re going to SXSW, you must catch Paperhaus’ set. We love those guys and their new album is great. What Alex from Paperhaus has done to revitalize the DIY music scene in DC is incredible. They run a house venue, also called the Paperhaus, and we’ve been honored to play there a couple times. It’s the best venue in DC. As far as a tour… Paperhaus is touring now and Blankus Larry isn’t! So go see them while you can!

With your two new singles, will there be another release later this year?

Yeah, we’re currently recording our second LP, Problemo and we expect to have that out later this year. We also have an EP, 81 Years of Fire, in the works in collaboration with our good friend Nick Thunder. The music for that is a bit different than what we’ve been writing lately.

What else is in store for Blankus Larry in 2015?

We’ve accumulated quite a backlog of music since releasing our debut, Hell or High Larry, so we’re pretty focused on the production side of things and finishing Problemo and 81 Years of Fire. Of course we’ll do a few shows along the way and see where we stand come 2016.

If you dig really cool psych rock garage bands where the members may or may not be named Larry, Blankus Larry is for you. You can actually download No Time No Money and Girl You Make Me Wanna on SoundCloud right now for free. Go follow these guys on all their proper channels and be proud you are now a Larry, too. 

Facebook: Blankus Larry

Twitter: @BlankusLarry

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