Music, Singles — March 6, 2015 at 6:49 am

Chicago Loud 9 -“Punk Soul (I’m Wrong)”


“Punk Soul (I’m Wrong)” is the new single from multi-genre collective Chicago Loud 9., who will release their latest EP cLOUD9 in the new future The single combines hip hop, jazz, funk and soul to create an upbeat, house-party friendly song. It has a late ’80s, east coast vibe (there’s even a tribute to Naughty by Nature) that will have you lifting your hands in the air.

The track is part of our Weekend Showcase for March 6, which has some great new music from bands you ought to know. Chicago Loud 9 are Emcee Dhani D, Aya, Chad a.k.a. Bumptious Q. Bangwhistle, Paulie G, Kennytime, Phillip Fenzel Washington, Kyle Boi Toi Voivodas, Jazzy Geoff Kartes, and Jasen Brown (who is known as The Godfather of Seoul Korea).

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