“Res(e)t” is the stunning single from New York-based The Sweet Boys. The song is atmospheric and dreamy, giving it a sense that one is racing through time. The song is from their expansive debut album, Foible Pangs, which is ethereal and alluring at times, rocking and poppy at other moments. On tracks like “Devastator” and “A New Clear Dawn”, you feel like you’re floating in space as the lush melodies take you away.

“Sweet Girls” approaches a thrasher rock sound with its distorted guitars while “We’re Having Fun” is a buzzsaw of a rock track. Then there are dreamy pop numbers, such as the closer “Sweet Boys II” and “Melody”, which could be a track Avi Buffalo could have recorded.

Foible Pangs can be downloaded for free on Bandcamp, but please leave a tip. “Res(e)t” is also part of our Weekend Showcase for March 6, which has some great new music from bands you ought to know. It is below along with “Devastator” and “We’re Having Fun”.

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