We had a nice little Q&A with Montréal-based Maybelleen when they released their Stereotypes EP, at the end of January. The duo now has a brand new video for “Time Machine”, and we are happy to share this great song, which could be on anyone’s feel-good summer playlist (assuming summer should arrive).

The psychedelic video is a perfect fit to the themes of eternal happiness and living life one day at a time. A tidbit about the video: brothers Peter and Charles Camiré are driving around in a 1928 Nash, which is also the year the movie Speedy came out and it is the film playing in the background. The video is a homage to Harold Lloyd and the boys were super excited to get the blessing of Harold Lloyd Entertainment to allow them to use the movie clips.

In case you missed the release of Stereotypes, we are also sharing another great track from the album, “Emily”. The boys have a knack for creating nostalgic tunes with psychedelic undertones, but they are still making everything sound fresh for today.

Website: http://www.maybelleen.com/
Facebook: Maybelleen
Twitter: @MaybelleenBand


Maybelleen 1









Photograph by G.Camire Photography and Art.

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