As the weather seems to start warming up, sometimes you do have to consider what songs you will add to your summer playlist. Most songs need to be feel good, dreamy or just the perfect mix of everything awesome so that you can play them over and over again. Songs created by Number Station fall into that category.

Number Station is a great five-piece, indie-pop outfit from Melbourne, Australia. The band is comprised of Chris Andrews (Vocals, Percussion, Keys), Marcus Smith (Guitars), Tom Beardsworth (Guitars, Keys), Jesse Burchat (Bass), and David Amphlett (Drums).

They released their Back Seat EP late last year and it is completely worth sharing. “The Money” and “Get Out of Your Own Way” are upbeat tracks that have great synth undertones reminiscent of New Order. “Want You To Know” is upbeat and faster paced, highlighting the talent of vocalist Andrews. “Our Friends” continues showcasing really great vocals and synth with the addition of heavier guitar, which adds a nice overall feel. “Way Down Low” might just be the standout track with a dreamy vibe and lovely chorus throughout surrounded by heavy synth and guitars, which erupt magnificently toward the end.

Number Station is hard to categorize – of course they are definitely creating some great indie synth-pop but they have tailored their own sound. If you were to take the energy of Strange Talk and stellar vocals say from the likes of Steven McKellar of Civil Twilight and mix with some 80s synth influences, you pretty much have Number Station.

Below are “The Money” and “Way Down Low”, but you are welcome to stream the entire EP over on SoundCloud and follow these guys everywhere. You can purchase their EP over on i-Tunes.

Facebook: Number Station
Twitter: @Nmbrstn





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