It’s really incredible to look at the state of shoegaze within the last year. Seeing bands like the reunited Slowdive headlining festivals all around the world, and an incredible revival of the genre as a whole have positioned this year to be one of the best for the genre. Ear to Ear Records, a new Welsh-Canadian label, have put together an impressive 30-track compilation, REVOLUTON – The Shoegaze Revival, to show off some of the best, new shoegaze music from around the world.  REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival features 30 bands from sixteen different countries, in many different languages.

All of the tracks on this compilation are “the best of the best” from these 30 artists. Some are bands we’ve covered before, like Lights That Change (Wales), Ummagma (Canada/Ukraine), Puna (Peru), and Sounds of Sputnik (Canada/Russia), and a bunch of great stuff from other bands like Duelectrum (Brazil), Jaguwar (Germany) and Rev Rev Rev (Italy) just to name a few. You can find the full list below.

As a whole, this compilation is just an incredible listen. It’s almost two-and-a-half hours of thirty bands putting their own unique spin on one of the most unique and creative genres in music. There’s electronic-led stuff like “Dive to the Sea” by Magao; there’s the ethereally gorgeous tracks like “Undone” by Seaside; there’s a live track, “Funeral Party” by Hermetic Delight; the fast paced “Hazy Youth” by Trementia; and an amazing and intense wall of sound in Jaguwar’s “Muffhead”.

All thirty of these bands really do bring something different to the compilation, and that’s why it feels like I have 30 new favorite bands. It’s amazing to see this genre come back to life, and it truly feels like it’s in good hands with this new wave of talented, unique bands. This is a can’t miss compilation for anyone who claims to love shoegaze. It’s the perfect introduction to some of the best bands that are currently under the radar. So, grab REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival from Ear To Ear’s bandcamp by naming your own price, give it a spin and find yourself a new favorite band.

Below, you’ll find a list of bands that are featured on REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival and a few videos from the tracks on this album.

Featured bands:  //orangenoise (Pakistan) / Sounds of Sputnik (Canada-Russia) / The Yours (Hong Kong) / Trementina (Chile) / Ummagma (Canada-Ukraine) / Digilite (Indonesia) / Jaguwar (Germany) / Stellarscope (USA) / Spool (Japan) / Wozniak (Scotland) / Ether Feels (Japan) / Hideous Towns (Australia) / Lights That Change (Wales, UK) / Damascus (Indonesia) / Weird. (Italy) / Hermetic Delight (France) / Rev Rev Rev (Italy) / The Evening Primrose (Hong Kong) / Stella Diana (Italy) / Seaside (Indonesia) / Blood Lips (UK) / Magao (Japan) / Clustersun (Italy) / Duelectrum (Brazil) / Intenna (Indonesia) / Robsongs (Brazil) / Slow Motion Picture (USA) / Thud (Hong Kong) / Sharesprings (Indonesia) / Puna (Peru)


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