There’s a new monthly music series in town featuring indie-folk bands such as The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band, Moonfruits and JBKD, who were the performers at the launch event last month at The Georgetown in Old Ottawa South.

Old Ottawa South is a small neighbourhood that runs between the Rideau Canal and the Rideau River. This compact area shares a strip of Bank Street where you will find businesses such as the Mayfair Theatre, the Ottawa Folklore Centre, and a variety of small artisan and antique shops. In 2004, the city added inlaid metal maple leaves on the sidewalks that are inscribed with the names of Canadian folk musicians, such as Joni Mitchelle and Estelle Klein.

On the corner of Bank and Belmont is The Georgetown, a sports pub that generally caters to customers who visit for sporting events, specifically soccer. Occasionally, however, there is a live music event, such as “Jazz Jam”, where musicians are welcome to bring their instruments and jam, and the new “Folk It Friday” by AllNew Live. AllNew Live is the brainchild of Ashley Newall and his team: Leigh, Maeve, Fabien, Arthur and Ryan. Together, they book, promote, stage and host live music events in Ottawa. Ashley hosted an open mic at The Georgetown in the past, so it only seemed natural to host the new series where he spent many nights discovering new artists.

The Georgetown Sports Pub
Leaf in honour of Estelle Klein

On Friday, February 20th, the pub was split into two parts: the right for regulars and the left for the showgoers. A band from Almonte, Ontario called The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band warmed up the night with their stories of love and solitude in front of a roaring fire. Together this duo played seven instruments during their live performance: James Walters played acoustic guitar, kick drum, harmonica and had the lead vocals; and Randelle Ashley played keys, electric bass and mandolin. James’ strong and tender voice was mesmerizing and the lyrics were beautiful. Their song “Trees” tells a story about a man who gave up on civilization to live in harmony with nature – “The air is so fresh and clean makes him wanna sing. The song of freedom, the song of choice, the song of love, whichever one comes first.”  EP Wanted is available on iTunes.

The Jimmy Tri-Tone Band

After their last song, the stage was quickly cleared of instruments and Moonfruits, comprised of Kaitlin Milroy and Alex Milaire, danced their way to the mics. Kaitlin’s sing-song voice was sweet and smooth, and Alex’s guitar strumming got all of our toes-a-tappin’ with songs like Rotterdam and Is You Is. To me, their music was addictive. The more I heard, the more I wanted. Moonfruits album Debut is available to purchase on Bandcamp.


JBKD‘s Jaxon Bones and Kolt Diamond’s names may sound like that of porn stars. While porn stars make money with their clothes off, Jaxon and Kolt entertain with their catchy phrases like “Oh, so sticky” from their song “Hot and Heavy”, which enticed the audience to sing along, and upbeat tunes that make you “wanna dance”. While their live, acoustic performance lacked some of the energy found on their newly released album SEXPOPSUMMERLOVE (available on iTunes), which is backed by a full band, the audience still enjoyed the steamy lyrics and their interaction between songs.


AllNew Lives’s Folk It Friday series will resume in April. Their inaugural event was a smashing success.


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