On March 3, Hailey Wojcik released her latest EP, Book of Beasts, on cassette from Wiener Records. Wojcik recorded most of the five-track Book of Beasts herself, recording vocals, guitars, synthesizers, bass, and programming drums. She did have help from drummer Brian Viglione, of The Dresden Dolls and Violent Femmes. The result is a fantastic rocking EP with a witty, diverse, and at times, pop feel.

We covered the opening track “XO Skeleton” a few weeks ago, and we still love it, possibly more so in context with the rest of the EP.  The second track, “Dog V. Man”, is another great track. Wojcik’s voice is amazing on this track. It’s a bit poppy and rises above the distorted guitar, which gives the track a unique vibe.

“Cigarette” is another interesting track. It starts out with some really interesting synth bits and has a swing to it, thanks to its intricate drum part. “Prosimian” is a catchy track with an infectious pop feel. It features hand claps, a synth part that is perfect, and some really great guitar work. “East Coast” is closes the EP. The fantastic tune has some of the best lyrics on the EP, such as: “When I try to write songs about someone else, they always seem to circle home to you.”

Book of Beasts is a great sounding EP. Wojcik’s voice is fantastic throughout, recalling singers like Jenny Lewis but with a grittier edge to the music. Check out Book of Beasts below and be sure to grab a copy on her Bandcamp.

Connect with Hailey Wojcik on her Website, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Bandcamp or Soundcloud.


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