We shared the infectious indie pop track “Modern Love” last month from Los Angeles-based Max and the Moon, and they are back with a groovy, dreamy, synth-driven track, “Harps”. These two singles are part of their soon-to-be-released, self-titled EP, which is expected some time this spring. With two solid releases in “Modern Love” and “Harps”, the EP is sure to be one that impresses and one that we are highly anticipating.

Max and the Moon is comprised of John Velasquez (guitar/vocals), Matt Couchois (keys/guitar/vocals), Dillon Couchois (drums) and Zach Weaver (bass) with John and Matt sharing vocals and songwriting chores. They often write about relationships and love, themes that we all can relate to.

The band took a moment to share with us a little about the songwriting behind “Harps”.

“Harps” is about the duality of trying to attain something or someone that has always felt unattainable. Whether it be a goal, a friendship, or a romantic relationship, people tend to put things on a pedestal in their lives and assume they themselves are infallible.

We are deeply affected when we become consumed by our obsessions, or the things we chase after. “Harps” touches on what it feels like when those cat-and-mouse games we play leave us thinking we’ll get everything we ever wanted or imagined. But ultimately, we end up stuck in the most miserable state: longing for what we hoped it would be.

We wrote this song about how it feels to operate obsessively in a different reality than the source of attraction we began romanticizing about in the first place.”

Website: http://www.maxandthemoon.com/
Facebook: Max and The Moon
Twitter: @maxandthemoon

harps (single cover 3x2)


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