“I Wanna Know” is the new single from one of our previous hidden gems, FURS. The quartet previously released some killer psychedelic and synth-pop tunes. On this latest track, the band heads more to an indie pop sound. However, the dreamy and infectious qualities of their previous songs remain. The addition of the cow bell is a nice touch and there’s a bit of a disco vibe as well. The vocals of Elle Wade, in particular, are alluring.

FURS are Elle, Liam, Olly, and Amina. They have been writing and recording songs for their debut album, which is expected some time this year.

“I Wanna Know” is one of twenty tracks on the March 13th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which is a weekly playlist of some of the best new music from the indie world. You’ll also find below “An Eye on the Vicious”“Just Kids”, and “No Voodoo”, which will have you salivating for more.


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