“Plastic Love” is the lead single from Peach Kelli Pop‘s forthcoming third album, the aptly titled III. It comes April 21 on Burger Records. The song sees the post-punk band head towards more of a psychedelic pop-rock sound. It also has a summery, surf-rock feel, similar to Best Coast and Beach Day. The combination yields an infectious song that you will have you bopping around the house or just swaying along with the melody.

Peach Kelli Pop is the brainchild of Ottawa-born now LA-based Allie Hanlon, who started off as a drummer before making her way to fronting a band and hammering the strings on the electric guitar. She perfected her craft in her hometown, but moved to LA to expand her horizons. The end results are stellar, and the band’s third album should be one we’ll be playing throughout the summer. Another band member is Jessi Owen, who performs with a recent hidden gem – Susan.

“Plastic Love” can be found on the March 13th Edition of the Weekend Showcase, which is a weekly playlist of some of the best new music from the indie world. Also below is “Princess Castle 1987”, which sounds like Japanese arcade pop.


Peach Kelli Pop

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