Aqua Alta is a new band made up of Jenn Grant, Graeme Campbell (Buck 65) and Charles Austin (Superfriendz). They recently released their first album and kicked off their tour with Ottawa being the second gig of their national show. Taking place at Ottawa institution Zaphod Beeblebrox on March 5th, the show was well attended and, like me, many were there to see Canadian darling Jenn Grant in a new setting.

The band really seemed to be enjoying performing together, although there were moments where they were working out the kinks, which is to be expected. Jenn Grant was as charming as usual, which helped lighten the mood and create a fun atmosphere. Being a new band with only one album, Dreamsphere, to draw from, the setlist was understandably short, but the audience still enjoyed the new songs from this “supergroup”.

For more about the album, you can read Kevin’s review. Dreamsphere is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Enjoy the photos.

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