We all love music because it moves us in ways that nothing else can. It can make us literally lose our minds, thrashing with fellow fans to a blazing guitar solo or a trippy beat. It can lift our spirits after a tough day, making us smile as we consume the happy melody and cheesy lyrics. Or it can sweep us away, creating a haze over our eyes with each note.

For Camille Poliquin and Laurence Lafond-Beaulne, who together are Milk & Bone, they specialize in music that is lush and atmospheric, filled with gorgeous melodies supported by dark, dubwave synths and beats. It is music that is hypnotic and engrossing yet also meditative, where you’re immediately put into a daydream-like state.

This is most apparent on “Pressure”, the lead single from their debut LP, Little Mourning. Released a couple of months ago, “Pressure” drips with the sensuality of Jessie Ware and the coolness of The xx. The opening song, “Elephant”, adopts a similar approach. With a pace and melody that leads to a slow, mindless sway, it is an immediate introduction to the captivating sound the Montreal-based duo aims to achieve.

“Easy to Read” could easily be mistaken for a First Aid Kit song with the slight acoustic guitar playing in the background and the beautiful harmonies of Poliquin and Lafond-Beaulne. However, the song inches towards psych-synth-pop as oppose to psychedelic folk. The elongated keys give an added effect to the song, creating a cinematic quality to the song.

“New York” and “Coconut”, which were released in the summer of 2014, are also included on the album. The former has a dark undertone on a foggy New York City night, providing the perfect backdrop to Poliquin and Lafond-Beaulne’s lush vocals. The latter, meanwhile, is one of the rare midtempo (which would be uptempo) tracks on the record. Its foundation is in electro-funk and might be the one track made for radio play.

Overall, Little Mourning is beautiful album to listen to. It’s cool, calm, and gorgeous at times. As the duo gains more experience, their songwriting should improve. At this moment in time, the lyrics are straightforward and focused on the romantic drama of youthful bliss and idealistic relationships. To be young and free again, those are the feelings you get after listening to Little Mourning.

Little Mourning is out Tuesday, March 17 on Bonsound. Get it on iTunes. Catch Poliquin and Lafond-Beaulne in concert, as they’ll be performing at SXSW and also a handful of dates in Quebec and one in Ottawa. Tour dates are below.

Website – milkandbone.mu
Facebook – Milk and Bone
Twitter – @milknbone


  • 17/03 Montréal, QC // Centre PHI (Lancement/Album Launch)
  • 18/03 Austin, Texas // Lambert’s – 19h00 (SESAC showcase)
  • 19/03 Austin, Texas // Maggie Mae’s – 14h00 (M for Montreal)
  • 19/03 Austin, Texas // Sledge Hammer – 20h00 (M for Montreal)
  • 16/04 Ottawa, ON // Théâtre du CNA (Billets) *
  • 24/04 Sherbrooke, QC // Théâtre Granada (Billets) *
  • 01/05 Québec, QC // L’Impérial (Billets) *
  • 07/05 L’Assomption, QC // Théâtre Hector Charland (Billets) *
  • 09/05 Shawinigan, QC // Salle Philippe Filion (Billets) *
  • 22/05 Montréal, QC // Métropolis (Billets) *


Milk & Bone

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