buzzthewayBuzzcocks keep proving their superiority over other punk-leaning rock bands. With almost 40 years of jamming under their belts, these guys know how to write a sweet rock tune. Typically, Pete Shelley handles most of the vocal work, but this new single features the singing chops of co-founder Steve Diggle. Not young men, Howard’s age is audible in the tone of his voice. Still melodic, it’s deeper and more gruff than it was in past decades. Still, this is a solid lower-key track, with some sweet guitar screech and a great melody.

Typical of the band’s sound, this will keep your head bopping. This is the third single from their 2014 album, The Way, and I would recommend picking up the whole thing. However, if you feel like dropping a buck on iTunes for a great single, this track is highly recommended.

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Check them out on a couple of Canadian dates this summer:

July 19
July 20
Marina de Montebello QC

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