Electronic and progressive house music have obviously exploded over the past seven, eight years. There has been wave after wave of new artists being introduced every day within these genres. One group emerging from the flood is Lost Kings, the Los Angeles-based duo that has been applauded for the euphoric remixes. What’s interesting about Rob and Nick (who is also known as Dr. No) is that they have remixed tracks for not just popular artists (e.g., Disclosure, Imagine Dragons) but they have also teamed up with indie artists to help promote their work. For instance, their latest collaboration with Halsey is among the most played on SoundCloud and Hype Machine.

While they may be focused on creating music meant to have people dancing and getting them into a sweaty frenzy, their list of favorite albums suggests something completely different. It’s quite the eclectic list that includes some of the best albums of the past twenty years. Check out their list below. For some, the list will have you revisiting your record collection; for others, you might discover something new. And for the record, I agree with Rob that “The Scientist” is a fantastic song.

Favorite Albums of All-Time


  • Coldplay, A Rush of Blood to the Head – “The Scientist”….enough said.
  • Bon Iver, For Emma Forever Ago – I first saw Bon Iver doing an a cappella of For Emma on this French blog and immediately needed to know more about them. Once I listened to the album I was blown away. So haunting and beautiful, it sounded like it was recorded up in a cabin in the woods, then i found out it was recorded in a cabin in the woods and that made me like it just a tiny bit more.
  • The Killers, Hot Fuss – I honestly don’t know if there is a better debut album than Hot Fuss. Every track is a killer (pun not intended).
  • Coldplay, Parachutes  – Coldplay is my favorite band, and this my favorite album. “Yellow”, like most people, was how I first found out about Coldplay, and I still listen to Parachutes. There is something that stands out about this album – everything just seems so young about it and I think that’s why I still love it.


  • Kanye West, Graduation – One of the only albums I can listen to front to back without skipping.
  • Blink 182, TYPOAJ – So feel good.
  • Daft Punk, Discovery – Because dance music.
  • Justin Timberlake, Future Sex/Love Sounds – I am still obsessed with the production on this album. Like Graduation, it’s one of the only albums I can listen to front to back without skipping.


Follow Lost Kings on their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Check their SoundCloud page to hear more tracks.

Lost Kings 2

Above photo by Insomniac.

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