My brother first introduced me to The Box when I was still quite young. He borrowed a copy of their second album, All the Time, All the Time, All the Time, from a friend. I was quite intrigued, so much so that when they released their next album, Closer Together, in 1987, I made it one of the few albums I had purchased at the time, on cassette tape no less.

When I first came of age in 1991, it coincided with The Box’s tour for their 1990 album, The Pleasure and the Pain, and I vividly remember them as one of the first bands I saw as I enjoyed this new found freedom. You know, to go to live music in venues that catered to the over 18 crowd. They actually played the Misty Moon in Halifax twice on that tour, and I went to both shows. I, however, never did get an opportunity to see them again because they soon after went on hiatus for quite some time.

Fast forward more than two decades. I heard about their September 2014 show at the Brass Monkey a week too late, so I missed that opportunity to catch up with the band. When they announced the new show in March, I did not hesitate and bought tickets early.

They played music spanning their entire career. They played songs from all their albums including the 2005 release Black Dog There, the recently re-released John of Mark, and a new single available on iTunes called “Life is a Party”. They even played a cover of “The Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats as an homage to the band Jean-Marc Pisapia played with before forming The Box.  See the Setlist.

It was great to see a band from my youth again, and Jean-Marc’s vocals were spot on. Even his spoken words for songs like L’Affaire Dumoutier were perfect.

I had a blast. I felt like I was 18 again!

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