Few musical topics will have such reckless abandon as drinking songs. Go to any Celtic-themed pub, and you’ll hear ’em. Go to a wedding, wake, or graduation celebration, and you’re going to hear songs about drinking, and the feelings of power and madness that come along with it. Good or bad, it is an oft-celebrated state in musical terms…so that’s why we chose Drink as a theme for our second episode.

To be fair, these are great songs, and really only two of them are literally about booze. Alex Silas treats us to “Take Me Away”, from his 2014 album Roots.  A traditional styled pub-raiser, it borrows a bit from Spirit of the West’s “Home for a Rest”, but presents things in a very unique (and fun) way. You’ll also hear Old Whiskey Road’s take on the theme with Moonshine“. It mixes some softer and rougher country styles, essentially mixing the types of drunks one might encounter at a party or gig. The first song, “Intoxicated” by BlakDenim, isn’t about booze specifically. But this hip hop collective captures that feeling of intoxication when it’s brought on by something other than external chemicals.

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Theme music is “Dead Heart Colonies by King Cobb Steelie from their 2013 EP, Goodbye Arcadia. Go buy it on Bandcamp.

Produced by Kevin McGowan. Big thanks to BlakDenim, Alex Silas, and Old Whiskey Road!

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