Not too much is known about the electro-pop duo, Cross Tabou. What we do know they’re based out of San Jose, California and are a collaboration between songwriter and radio personality Sofia Vondell and electronic artist and producer Horizontal Halfspear. The two have released two albums – the self-titled, debut EP (buy on Bandcamp) in September 2014 and Illusion and Paradise EP (also on Bandcamp) in February of 2015.

If releasing fifteen songs in a span of 5 months wasn’t enough, they’ve released a new single, the stellar “Flowers”. It is a mid-fi, smouldering track that echos of the beauty of EXITMUSIC and the haunting, dark wave of Black City Lights. This is the first single from their forthcoming third EP, Palace of Rare Objects, out April 20 on Tree Machine Records.

“Flowers” can be found on the March 20th edition of the Weekend Showcase, which is a playlist of new music from the indie world. Hear also below the gorgeous “Into This”, which resonates with the ethereal quality of Porcelain Raft, and “Hollow Times”.

Cross Tabou

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