With their debut EP, Ruins+Rituals, just out, NYC-based Fin-Folsom have created a terrific album. The five songs recall the raw, blues-rock of The Districts. Like the Pennsylvania band, Fin-Folsom show a knack for great songwriting despite their youth while mixing in with riffs that reflect the rock of the ’70s. There’s also a touch of the Cold War Kids in terms of the slight pauses and stutters they use, in particular on “Horses”, which is a fantastic single. “ICMT”, likewise, is an awesome tune that would rock live.

All five tracks from the EP are below. Fin-Folsom are Conor Walsh, Joshua Gottesman, and Jeremy Y. Nakamura. Discover this trio before they explode, and we anticipate their popularity will grow throughout the year.

Ruins+Rituals can be purchased on Bandcamp, iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

“Horses” can be found on the March 20th edition of the Weekend Showcase, which is a playlist of new music from the indie world.


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