Three-piece, indie-rock band Selfoss isn’t from Iceland, although their singles have an air of Sigur Ros. Instead, they are from Toronto and their music blurs multiple genres. Their latest single, “Celibate Again”, is the perfect example, as it mixes psychedelia, dark wave, and synth-pop with chanting vocals a la Enigma (although you can understand what the trio from Selfoss are saying).

Their sound, though, is more of a reflection of their origins. Guitarist Rodi Dhjaku is from Albania and drummer Lillian Gessner is from Germany, and they are joined by keyboardist Reuven Grajner. Hear “Celibate Again” and “The Realist Dream” below. Both can be downloaded for free by clicking on the SoundCloud player below.

“Celibate Again” can be found on our March 20th edition of the Weekend Showcase, which is a playlist of new music from the indie world.


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