For over twenty years, Thea Gilmore has established a loyal following, who have been inspired by her honest and poignant songwriting that touched on all sorts of topics – a relationship, current events, or political issues. It wasn’t until her fourteenth album that she cracked the top-40 charts in the UK with “Regardless”. Mainstream music had finally “discovered” the singer-songwriter, who could be best described as the UK’s version of Bonnie Raitt.

And maybe like Raitt, Gilmore will achieve broad-based success with each new album. On June 1, she will release album #15, Ghosts and Graffiti on Fullfull Records. The lead single is “Coming to Back to You”, a catchy song that maintains the blues-folk-rock sound of Gilmore. You can hear this track below. You can also find it on the March 20th edition of the Weekend Showcase, which is a playlist of new music from the indie world.

Also below is “God’s Got Nothing On You”, a fantastic and motivating single.

Thea Gilmore

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