From the small town of Missoula, Montana comes indie-folk-blues-Americana-roots collective Wartime Blues. Their sound is a touch of Wilco, Ryan Adams’ former band Whiskeytown, and The Lumineers – a sound that is welcoming, warm, and inspiring. The band has been together for nearly seven and have developed strong friendships and an undeniable chemistry. It is this bond that brings the band together year after year despite half of the 8-member group now residing in Texas.

The octet is gearing up for the release of their third album, April, Texas, and the first single from it is the catchy little rocker, “Build a Sun”. The new album is due out some time this spring.

Also below are “Passionsmoke” and “Empire Builder” from their second album, Passenger. You can hear that entire album on SoundCloud.

“Build a Sun” can be found on the March 20th edition of the Weekend Showcase, which is a playlist of new music from the indie world.


Wartime Blues

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