Let’s get the weekend started with the Weekend Showcase.

The format hasn’t changed – if you like the artist / band, click on their name to be taken to their Facebook page or website. If you like to song and want to hear more tracks from the artist, click on the song title. Get to know these artists & bands! The tracklist follows the playlist.

  • “Separator” is the raucous, indie-rock, post-punk track from New York City-based Controller. They released an EP last year and have another coming this spring.
  • “Apex” by Mexico City band Rey Pila is a mix of Talking Heads and Depeche Mode. The 80s-esque pop-rock track is the first single from their forthcoming album, The Future Sugar (5/5, Cult Records).
  • “Runnin'” is the catchy synth-pop number from Phoenix duo Bogan Via, who are supported by Danish singer Kirstine Stubbe Teglbjaerg. The gorgeous track brings to mind really early Phantogram, and it’s part of their fantastic Madly EP (click the song title).
  • “Best Thing” by London synth-pop band SYKES buzzes with the infectious buzz of CHVRCHES. It’s a fantastic track. This comes on the heels of their awesome EP, Gold Dust, which you can check out by clicking the song title.
  • “Celibate Again” is from Toronto three-piece, Selfoss. The single mixes psychedelia, dark wave, and synth-pop with chanting vocals a la Enigma (although you can understand what the trio from Selfoss are saying).
  • “Loosen Up” by London indie duo Gillbanks is a spectacular, moody track that recalls Coldplay during their early, inspiring years. This is the second single from their forthcoming album Lived-In (out Monday). Click the song title to hear the first single and get details on where to purchase the album.
  • “Letting In” is the new single from Los Angeles-based Beauville. The mellow folk-southern rock tune resonates with the smooth style of Shakey Graves.
  • “Bubble Gum Geisha” is the electro-synth-pop new single from UK trio R-music. It’s a cool, dreamy track that gives a clue to what their forthcoming debut album will sound like.
  • “Anger Tango” is the debut single from NYC-based Nevāda Nevada. Blending noir folk, Americana, and art rock, the single is a dark, mysterious, yet catchy track that would be great for a Halloween party. The band is on a mini-tour, so click the song title to see the tour dates.
  • “Build a Sun” is from indie-folk-blues-Americana-roots collective Wartime Blues, who are based out of Missoula, Montana, although half the members of the octet reside in Texas. The jive-y new single is the first from their new album April, Texas, which is due out this spring.
  • “Behind Your Man” is a late ’60s-inspired, psychedelic rock song from Plum. The Denver-based quartet’s interpretation is a cross between Temples and Pond.
  • “Stupid Cowboy” by LA-based trio Mood Robot is electro-pop with an attitude. It’s like having Shirley Manson fronting Bear in Heaven- infectious beats but with pointed lyrics. Hear more tracks from their latest EP, TV Dinner, by clicking the song title.
  • “Volcura” is from Greg Bevis – or Holy Oker – who unexpectedly released a Thom Yorke-esque, melodic, electronic EP on Wednesday. Hear more tunes from the EP by clicking on the link and get information to download it for free.
  • “Speak Yellow” is the ’90s-esque, alternative-rock tune from Columbus, Ohio trio Van Dale. This is the first single from their forthcoming, self-titled debut album (3/31, Fleeting Youth Records).
  • “Horses” is an old-school, blues-rock tune from NYC-based Fin-Folsom. The track has the sound of The Districts and early Cold War Kids. “Horses” is from their debut EP, Ruins+Rituals, and you can hear more by clicking the song title.
  • “Coming to Back to You” is the new single from veteran folk-rock, singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore. If you don’t know who she is, she’s been performing for well over 20 years and is on the cusp of releasing her 15th album, Ghosts & Graffiti (6/1, Fullfill Records). Another way to think of her – she’s the UK equivalent of Bonnie Raitt.
  • “Portraits” is the gorgeous, folk-noir song from Yellowknife, Northwest Territories native, Dana Sipos. The single is the lead track from her new album, Roll Up the Night Sky (4/30, Muddy Roots Records).
  • “Northern Lights” is the romantic, mellow rock track from transcontinental (Canada and UK) group The Ryan O’Reilly Band, who are named after the band’s frontman (well so is The Sam Roberts Band). See the gorgeous video to the song by clicking on the song title and hear one more track from their Northern Lights EP.
  • “Flowers” is the mid-fi song from Cross Tabou, who is comprised of singer and radio personality Sofia Vondell and electronic artist and producer Horizontal Half Spear. The smouldering track echos of the beauty of EXITMUSIC. This is the first single from their forthcoming third EP in 7 months, Palace of Rare Objects (4/20, Tree Machine Records).

Weekend Showcase March 20

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