March 2015 has been an absolutely incredible month for new music, and its final day has its fair share of amazing records set for release. One of those albums is Escape From Evil, the third album from Baltimore’s Lower Dens. This is Jana Hunter and crew’s first album since 2012’s Nootropics. Escape From Evil was produced by Chris Coady, Ariel Rechtshaid, and John Congleton, who have separately worked with bands like Beach House, Future Islands, Vampire Weekend, and St. Vincent. The result is one of the dreamiest records you’ll hear all year.

Right from the start, Escape From Evil impresses with its heavy synth and bass while the dreamy voice of Jana Hunter singing, “I will treat you better”, in “Ondine” is one of the many highlights of the record. “To Die in L.A.”, an early single from Escape From Evil, starts out with an awesome drum beat and comes to a close with a stunning conclusion of strings and harmonies. “Your Heart Still Beating” has some spectacular, driving drumwork and intense guitar.

Lower Dens are incredible at creating a feeling with their songs. “I Am The Earth” is an absolute stunner, a slow building track that just feels more and more intense as it goes on. It’s followed up by “Non Grata”, which has a dreamy chorus and groove that will keep bringing the listener back for more. The record comes to a close with the hypnotic “Société Anonyme”.

Jana Hunter is one of the most talented and creative songwriters out there. Escape From Evil showcases her strengths as a songwriter, she creates some of the most ethereal, dreamy, yet danceable music out there. Lyrically, Escape from Evil is relatable, songs about love and all the things that come with it. It’s an incredible combination that helps Lower Dens stand out on a day full of high-profile releases. Be sure to pick it up on March 31 from Ribbon Music (or Preorder it here).

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