Detroit-based, DIY rock band, Turn to Crime, are set to release their new album, Actions, on April 28 (Mugg & Bopp Records). Recorded in the basement studio of frontman and project mastermind Derek Stanton, the album promises to be more of the Dinosaur Jr.-esque indie-rock that has made Turn to Crime one of Detroit’s best kept, underground music secrets.

Turn to Crime, however, aren’t the only other hidden gems in Detroit. Stanton, who is joined by Ian Saylor and Dorian Foerg in the band, shared with us some Motor City bands people should get to know plus some of the hideouts you could find them. Check these bands out. We sure will be. And check out the latest releases by Turn to Crime, “Without a Care” and “Light”, from the forthcoming, new album.

Detroit Bands and Haunts by Derek Stanton of Turn to Crime

Shout out to my favorites – Protomartyr (the fudgin’ best!), Tyvek, Timmy’s Organism, and recently Jamaican Queens (especially live). But for some more unknown Detroit bands that definitely deserve more attention please check out:

1) Siobhan – Psychic dance / trance / noize from the best dude Travis Galloway

2) Johnny Ill Band – Masterful, first-person narrative / Detroit zentric songwriting with a “right on man” pizza delivery

3) Growwing Pains – Good jamz. Lots of jamz. So much jelly jamz from this busy-body group of young punx. Watch out! Much yet-to-be-revealed greatness in the form of many other jams & many other bands, over many more years to come.

4) Soft Location – Brain burrowing, minimal form, atmospheric songs from old-school Detroit headz yo!

5) Clay Rendering – Killer zoned out street pop from thee raddest, most inspiring of peeps

I’ll give you six even though you asked for five.

6) Bonny Doon – Ketchupy, lo-fi, slacker pop & invonluntary 90s flashback, bringerz of koolness

On any given night you can catch all these bands at the UFO Factory.

Here’s a “duckface selfie” of me at the UFO Factory during the Something Cold DJ night. I am wearing a painters mask because of serious fog machine action.

Turn to Crime

While you’re at it, check out Turn To Crime’s tribute / cover album of all Detroit bands called Neighborhood Watch #1.

Playlist of the first five bands:

Turn to Crime 3

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