The SXSW Festival is a music festival that is hard to describe if you have never attended before. It is quite massive. Over 2,000 bands descend upon Austin, TX, and it is a challenge to search and find all of the unofficial parties or events that are happening and to plan the almost week long schedule. It is overwhelming at times and also at times frustrating, knowing that so many great bands will be playing, but impossible to see everyone on your list. Hopefully next year (maybe) we will have more people covering the festival. Even though the festival has become somewhat over commercialized, it is a necessary evil of sorts so that big name acts can continue to come and play, the quality of the venues stay top notch, and the festival-goer can have a positive experience while attending, even though big-name advertisers are sponsoring any large showcase they can (Mazda and Taco Bell sponsored Hype Hotel and Converse has continually sponsored The Fader Fort).

I saw over 30 bands during the festival, my next post will be a quick picture or two for each band and a few of our standouts or surprise live sets I witnessed.

Today’s post is going to showcase the stellar photography that was captured by Austin photographer Gabe Guevara and that deserves an entire post. The great shots were captured at The Hype Hotel curated by and a few choice blogs, and it was located at one of the better indoor venues in Austin normally called Fair Market. Hype Machine takes over the venue during SXSW and offered an awesome week-long lineup ,and they were so gracious to give us priority access since we are part of the Hype Machine (thanks Hype Machine!). This was the first official night of music showcases, and we are highlighting Milo Greene, Odesza and the legendary Spoon. We are apologizing in advance for the rest of the photos for our other recap posts as they will not be anywhere near this caliber.

The Revue team also hope that Gabe will decide to attend some of the Austin-area concert events in the future and can provide his awesome photography to share with us again. I hope you enjoy and check back tomorrow for more SXSW recap posts and find out what great bands we discovered.

Milo Greene

If you are not familiar with Milo Greene, you definitely need to check them out. They are from Los Angeles and are creating some stellar indie-pop that is worth a listen. Their self-titled debut came out in 2012, and their single “1957” had great success. They recently released their sophomore album Control in January of this year, and it’s definitely spin worthy. We are sharing our favorite track from Control, which is titled “White Lies”. The live set was awesome, and they have a great energy and chemistry on stage, we definitely recommend seeing them live.

Pics-7  Pics-8


Pics-13    Pics-10    Pics-12


ODESZA might have been one of the busiest artists this year at the festival, playing multiples times per day and at some of the top showcases. The electronic duo is made up of Harrison Mills (aka Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (aka Beaches Beaches), and they have blown up pretty quickly since 2012. Their track “Say My Name” (featuring Zyra) has had over 11 million plays on Spotify and is not very far behind on SoundCloud. For heart-pounding beats and danceable tracks, ODESZA is all you need. We are sharing their track “Sun Models” and some stellar pictures as well.

Their set was energetic, and the most crowded leading up to the headliners, Spoon. It was hard to find a person in the crowd that wasn’t moving to the beat.

Pics-28  Pics-19  Pics-2 (1)Pics-22   Pics-23  Pics-24


Spoon oh how we love Spoon. They Want My Soul was included in our Best of 2014 Albums list, and I couldn’t have been more excited to see them live. The veteran indie rockers have been releasing awesome music for over 20 years, and with their latest release they just continue to prove their talent. Britt and band mates were stellar, as shown by the photos below. Gabe did a terrific job, as it was pretty smoky in there. Anytime we can catch Spoon live, we will. They are definitely a live show you do not want to miss. A favorite of ours from They Want My Soul is “Rent I Pay”. 

Pics-34 (1)    Pics-40  Pics-6  Pics-4  Pics-35  Pics-39

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