For our third episode, we’re going with the theme of Learn. Like most of our themes, this could be wide open to interpretation, but today we’re focusing on learning life lessons, and sometimes it ain’t pretty.

You’ll hear a track from Sloan’s 2014 album, Commonwealth, called “You Don’t Need Excuses to be Good“. This is a great rock song with their usual tight melodies. Lyrically, the track is tough, as it sounds like a kid’s mom is setting him straight with something pretty significant in their lives. The lesson learned here: It can be hard to grow up, but you’ll be better off understanding certain truths.

Next up is Brenda Earle Stokes (and apologies for calling her Brenda Earle in the podcast!). From her 2014 album Right About Now, you’ll hear “It’s High Time” which is about making tough decisions when your life presents a fork in the road. Like many of us, Brenda is writing from the experience of making a family, and making tough decisions on how to move forward.

The last song is one of my favourites of all time. For anyone who ever fell for the wrong person, Martha Wainwright gives us some lyrical fuel with “Bloody Mother Fucking Asshole.” If you haven’t hear this one before, you’ll be changed after this.


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Theme music is “Dead Heart Colonies by King Cobb Steelie from their 2013 EP, Goodbye Arcadia. Go buy it on Bandcamp.

Produced by Kevin McGowan. Big thanks to Sloan, Brenda Earle Stokes, and Martha Wainwright!

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