“Killer Flamingo Bay” is the self-appreciating (or maybe self-depreciating) tune from Flamingo Bay. Based out Hamilton, Ontario, the trio of Kris Gies (bass, vocals), Vince Rankin, (drums, vocals), and Dillon Henningson (guitar, vocals) are crafting great rock ‘n roll that includes touches of punk-rock, garage rock, alternative rock, indie rock, and southern rock. So think everything from The Black Crowes to The Black Keys to METZ to Reignwolf. Their second album, Big Tunes, is fun, whimsical, and just a riot. One of the more under-the-radar releases of 2015.

In addition to “Killer Flamingo Bay”, hear “Hate to Break It’, “Honey Bucket”, “VII”, and “Twisted” below. The video for “Killer Flamingo Bay” is also below, which typifies the fun-loving nature of the band. Get “Killer Flamingo Bay” and “Hate to Break It” for free on Bandcamp.

Hear “Killer Flamingo Bay” and 19 other tracks on the March 27th edition of The Weekend Showcase.

Flamingo Bay

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