“Wendy” is a biographical, rock tune from Brooklyn quintet Robot Princess. No, it’s not about our Wendy, but we assume someone that Beau Alessi, Daniel D. Lee, Peter Ingles, Joe Reichel, and Catherine Anderson know. The track is from the Teen Vogue LP + Action Movies EP, which is out now on Fleeting Youth Records (get it here). The single, and the entire album for that matter, is a cross between Ben Folds Five and Weezer – a little whimsical and 100% fun.

In addition to “Wendy”, you can find “Wake Me Up When Everyone Is Dead”, “You or Your Sister”, and “The Cancer Joke”. You can also hear the entire album(s) on SoundCloud.

Hear “Wendy” and 19 other cool, indie tracks on the March 27th edition of The Weekend Showcase.

Robot Princess

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