“Floating Forever” is the terrific, synth number from Stockholm twins Johanna and Miriam Tewolde Berhan, who go by the name as Taxi Taxi. The song is dreamy and ethereal at times, recalling the beauty of Montreal duo Milk & Bone. Yet, it has an 80s feel with the two-part harmonies of the twins and the elongated synths.

The video, like the tune, is dreamy and otherworldly and fantasy. In addition to the video, you’ll find “Going Out for the Light”, “Beetroot”, and “If U Ever Come Back” from the stirring Floating Forever EP, which bleeds with the innocence and vulnerability of youth. The EP is also the first on the twin’s new label, Delicious Demon Records.

You can also hear “Floating Forever” and 19 other cool, indie tracks on the March 27th edition of The Weekend Showcase.


 Taxi Taxi - Marta Thisner

Photo by Marta Thisner

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