Molly Sullivan is one of those artists who seem to have an endless well of talent. Some people shoot to stardom with a few instant classics and fade fast. Their wells might be rich but are never very deep. Others never stop creating, producing excellent music during both fruitful and sparse times. They might disappear from the spotlight for a time, but when the mojo comes back, though, it seems to us (the fans) as if it had never left.

When I first discovered Molly, I was surprised to learn she had already been writing songs, getting attention and generally operating on a far more impressive and professional plane than many musicians her age. There was a music video, there were great live shows, there was a great backing band. Why hadn’t I heard her stuff earlier? I wondered. Several years later, when I had been listening to her for a while, I was surprised to hear in an interview with Molly on the excellent This Man Is Not My Father that there had been a year-long lull in Molly’s performing career after the dissolution of one of her bands. It didn’t seem at all that this could have been true. Her performances were clear and masterful, and her songs were excellent.

These days, Molly has an incredible schedule. She was named a must-see pick at her hometown Bunbury Festival, toured with Chris Bathgate, and played SXSW. She won the Cincinnati Entertainment Award for best Singer/Songwriter. She has an incredible new music video. This cannot be a musician who stagnated for a year. Whatever she was doing, it was the right thing. This is a special writer and performer, someone who can rev back to full speed after time away because of the high quality of her work. Her new music video, “Before,” is below, along with some of my favorite tracks from her most recent album, WINTER ’13.

Molly’s voice is her ultimate weapon. It’s sensitive, rangy, and capable of murmurs, shouts, and chorus-pure melodies. She plays it like the instrument it is, pulling back and letting loose as the lyrics and the surrounding music dictate. It’s a wonderful thing to hear. Catch her on the road this year and be captivated.

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