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The CBC Searchlight competition is in it’s second day! Whether you decide to vote for the same 10 entries per region each day or chose different ones, each vote helps your favorites get closer to the finish line!

Announced today, CBC is giving away weekly prizes from Yamaha Canada Music to win either a pair of Yamaha HPH-PRO400 headphones, an NX-P100 bluetooth speaker or an RN-500 stereo receiver. The first week’s winner will be chosen on Wednesday, April 3, 2015. All entries must be in submitted each Friday no later than 12:00 pm ET. To enter, visit One entry per person per voting period.

Public voting ends Monday, April 13, 2015 at 2:59 pm ET to determine top 25 from each region. Go to to cast your votes! Voters can chose 10 entries from each region per day.

Here’s the next set of 5 randomly chosen entries from the Ottawa region.

Click here for the playlist:

City – Start It Up

Direct Link to Vote:

Facebook: @MycityDreams
Twitter: @TheRealCityy

Gold & Marrow – Hold My Fire

Direct Link to Vote:

Facebook: @goldandmarrow
Twitter: @goldandmarrow
YouTube: Gold And Marrow

Geoffrey the Giant – Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock

Direct Link to Vote

Facebook: @geoffreythegiant
Twitter: @geoffrythegiant
YouTube: GeoffreyTheGiantVEVO

Capital B – The Way You Love To Touch And To Please

Direct Link to Vote:


Novaspire – Intergalactic Meltway

Direct Link to Vote:

Facebook: @iNovaspire
Twitter: @novaspire
YouTube: Juno Nova


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