We posted Meadowlark as a hidden gem earlier this month but from the looks of their recent SoundCloud plays, they will not be hidden for long. Meadowlark, who is comprised of Kate McGill and Daniel Broadley, are creating some lovely indie-pop tracks as of late. We posted their lead single “Fly” previously which is a quite lovely, airy and dreamy pop gem. Their four-track EP Dual includes two other tracks, “Eyes Wide” and “Fire”. “Eyes Wide” has a nice addition to keys and strong percussion throughout similar to “Fly”. “Fire” is more acoustic and nicely showcases the strong vocal talent of McGill.

Dual finishes up with a stripped back acoustic version of “Fly”, which mesmerizes with the sweet but strong sound of McGill’s voice accompanied with subtle piano, acoustic guitar and strings. Meadowlark‘s music is simple yet complex, and it captivates,  leaving the listener wanting more. We will keep an eye on this emerging duo and hopefully there will be a full-length album in their future.

You can purchase the Dual EP and forgo your normal morning grande latte over on iTunes or stream the EP on Spotify as well.

Website: www.meadowlarkofficial.com
Facebook: Meadowlark
Twitter: @meadowlarkHQ


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