Sammy Brue is only 13 years old, but you wouldn’t know it from listening to his music. His sound is mature well beyond his years, sounding like artists many years his senior. And despite his youth, he cites Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie as his influences.

Earlier this month, Brue released his latest EP, I Don’t Want You to Leave on SoundCloud. It’s five tracks of folky Americana that measures up with releases by artists multiple times his age and those who have long passed. The EP starts with the title song, “I Don’t Want You to Leave”, a heartbreaker of a track. It’s followed up by “Jealous”, a fantastic folk track which shows off Brue’s storytelling ability.  Sammy Brue then does his best Dylan impression, playing harmonica on “The Funeral”“I’m Not Your Man” is a stomper of a folk track, which leads into the stunning closer, “Meet My Maker”.

We’ll be hearing a lot about Sammy Brue in the future. He’s already writing some incredible music and is showing tons of potential at his young age. It’s easy to take Sammy Brue’s young age into account when looking at the record and take it easy on him, but from the first notes of “I Don’t Want You To Leave”, it’s obvious that his music is completely ageless. The young man is a genius and a wunderkind.

Connect with Sammy Brue on Twitter, Facebook, Soundcloud, or his website. Stream I Don’t Want You to Leave below.

Sammy Brue

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