I have decided to take on a weekly feature that showcases a band that either follows us on Twitter or has reached out for us to take a listen to their music recently. We have a disclaimer in our About Us section that we really try to listen to everything we can, but sometimes that is just not possible so we don’t get back to everyone or post everything we receive, either. The disclaimer is that there is definitely a lot of great music out there, but there is also only so much time in the day and in all of our lives to devote here.

Now I am making the time weekly to find a band to post up a single and a little info about the band based on Twitter. So all you indie bands out there – if you want to possibly be featured in a future Twitter Tuesday post – you have to go follow us on Twitter, which is @therevue, and ideally we want new singles or releases that we can share if we like.

The inaugural Twitter Tuesday post goes to Cross Wires, a UK band with a brand new single titled, “Walking Wounded”, which is a post-punk / rock track ,and I can only imagine the live shows for Cross Wires are probably pretty hard core. Cross Wires hail from London, and they have a new EP coming out in April. They song is a gritty and a little rough on the edges, but that’s part of the appeal – just like being back in ’70s Manchester.

Cross Wires are Jonathan Chapman (vocals), Peter Muller (guitar, vocals), Pete Letch (bass, vocals), and Ian Clarke (drums).

Facebook: Cross Wires
Twitter: @CrossWiresband

cross wires

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