You know how when you live in a city you often don’t visit the tourist destinations because well, you could always go tomorrow? Sometimes a local artist is like that. Lynn Miles plays the Ottawa area several times a year, so I’ve fallen into the trap of just thinking I’ll see her the next time.

I must admit, I didn’t really come to fully appreciate Lynn Miles until actually hearing one of her songs covered by Sarah Slean in 2009. I absolutely loved Sarah Slean’s cover and decided to do some research into Lynn Miles’ music catalog. With each album I managed to get my hands on, my admiration for her songwriting talents grew. I put her name on my watchlist for live shows, but I fell into the trap described above.

I finally did manage to see her live in 2011 at the Folk Festival, and she was excellent. I remember thinking that night that I need to see her at a venue where she was the headliner and I could fully appreciate her. I also remember thinking The Black Sheep Inn would be the perfect place. Sadly it was not until this weekend that I finally did manage to hook up to see this idea come to fruition. I showed up early and still barely managed a seat, as her faithful packed the house. She put on a great, two-set performance and kept us entertained not only with a solid selection of music but also some fun repartee with bandmate Keith Glass (Prairie Oyster).

I am glad I finally made it out to a Lynn Miles show. I will try to make it out more often. I do see her on the lineup for WestFest this summer.



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