I have a thing for really upbeat and awesome tempo pop –  Los Angeles based GOLDEN COAST is a band that definitely belongs on my list of favorite indie pop bands at the moment. They have a similar vein to Max and The Moon, CRUISR, and COIN but with an awesome danceable California goodness vibe going on.

GOLDEN COAST is perfecting indie synth-pop and is comprised of Denny White & Steven Mudd although their sound is full and expansive for just a duo. They released the awesome pop track “Break My Fall” last year and have now released “Take You Away”.


“Take You Away” is so feel good, I wish I lived in California so I could just dance-skip down the beach in some jazzercise legwarmers because it has that awesome 80s synth vibe going on but totally fresh for 2015. Now that I think about it – they should  have a couple of Farrah Fawcett look alikes jazzercising on the beach with Denny and Steven whisking them away to an awesome dance party a la 1986.


Seriously, the track is addicting, upbeat and awesome and it will definitely take you away from a bad mood or crappy work day if you let it. If you aren’t already following GOLDEN COAST or fans of the duo, you need to be.


You can pick up the single over on i-Tunes.



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