Rebecca Clements has released the awesome track “Pure Wasted” which is also the title of her brand new three track EP. We are sharing this track as it’s a lovely bit of haunting vocals and storytelling of a broken relationship. This UK based singer-songwriter is one to watch, especially if you are a fan of Torres.

The track “Wildlife” follows with the same theme of two people that are just not able to make it work. With great lyrics like “We try to run free but we are two lost strings all caught up in the mess we’ve made” we are excited to see what else Rebecca Clements brings and she is definitely a Hidden Gem, and one to keep your eye on.

 The final track “Coma Boy” speaks of that relationship you want to work so badly, but you can’t quite break through emotionally with the other person and no matter how hard you try, they just don’t hear you or give you the reaction you are wanting.

Rebecca Clements has all the right elements in place to break through in the category of talented singer/songwriters that perfect their vocals and lyrics to reel the listener in so that they become career long fans.

You can stream the Pure Wasted EP on Spotify.

Facebook: Rebecca Clements

Twitter: @RebeccaMUSICx

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