“Fremm” is a dream, delicious indie song from Portland trio .bed. It’s a shade grungy yet awfully lush, in some ways like Yo La Tengo. In other words, it echoes of ’90s indie music at its finest.

And this trademark sound is retained on their previous singles. It’s not for the faint of heart, as there is a grittiness and passive aggressiveness to the singles, but they’re outstanding. Comparisons to Swearin’, which you can definitely hear on “Wayward”, and Sonic Youth, like on “Bother”, will be inevitable. Get these singles on their Bandcamp page.

You can hear “Fremm” and 19 other tracks on the April 3rd Edition of The Weekend Showcase , a collection of new music from indie bands that you should get to know.



bed - by Anna LarinaPhoto by Anna LarinaW

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