Marrow is a young, Chicago-based band that is comprised of four members of the now departed Kids These Days, who had a unique blend of indie rock, hip hop, rap, and saloon-style rock. Liam Cunningham (guitar/vocals), Macie Stewart (keyboards/vocals), Lane Beckstrom (bass/vocals), and Matt Carroll (drums) are now focusing their efforts on the rock, indie-rock, and jazz elements, which are highlight in on their first two singles – “Paulson”, an infectious, jumping rocker; and “Mother of Maladies”, a melodic, sultry tune that has a touch of acid jazz mixed in with mellow rock.

With these first two singles, we can only expect than an album is soon on the horizon.

You can hear “Paulson” and 19 other tracks on the April 3rd Edition of The Weekend Showcase , a collection of new music from indie bands that you should get to know.



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