It’s Friday and you know what that means… WEEKEND SHOWCASE! Twenty singles from the indie world on what may be our most upbeat playlist to date.

If this is the first time you’re listening to the Weekend Showcase, some things to help you if you like what you hear:

  • If you like the artist / band, click on their name to be taken to their Facebook page or website.
  • If you like the song and want to hear more tracks from the artist, click on the song title because there may be other tracks and definitely additional information.

Get to know these artists & bands! The tracklist follows the playlist, which might be our most expansive one to date (we know, we’ve said this before).

  • “Mouthwash” by English band Lusts starts The Showcase off with a bang with this spiraling, 80s-inspired, new wave single. Be taken back to the sounds of New Order on this awesome track.
  • “Break Into a Musical” is the brand new single from French-American duo Freedom Fry, whose dreamy psych-pop consistently leaves us in a tizzy. They’re on a mini-tour. Click the song title for dates.
  • “Lovers” is the euphoric and joyous new single from Brighton, UK-based COMPNY, whose song echoes of the brilliant indie-pop of Foster the People.
  • “My Billie Jean” is a catchy, ’80s-inspired pop-rock track from Work Drugs, who are Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana. If you haven’t heard of them, the two have developed a reputation for creating spatial and breathtaking indie music, which they dub as “sedative wave”. Free download available. Click the song title.
  • “Future Bones” is the excellent, multi-genre, new single from Oakland-based Bells Atlas. It’s the lead single from their forthcoming EP, Hyperlust (5/12). Get to know this band that is merging R&B with indie rock, pop, and soul into something absolutely brilliant.
  • “Homegown” is the ethereal and breathtaking single from New York City-via-Boston group Haux, who have refined their sound from indie-folk to dream-folk. This single is hauntingly beautiful and one of the best of the year.
  • “Lake Shrine” is the groovy, dream-pop track by Los Angeles duo Kisses. It breathes and feels like the stunning music from Rhye.
  • “Sensitive Boys” is the buzzing synth-pop track from Coeds, the duo from Austin and New York City. Think Bentcousin meets CHVRCHES on this stunning song. 7″ single on the way (5/19 on Old Flame Records).
  • “Dive” is from New Jersey-based Young Spines, which is the brainchild of Ottawa-born musician Harry Tucker. It’s an experimental, new-wave track that takes sounds from around the world to create a terrific, trippy, yet hypnotic track.
  • “Summer Rain” is a mellow electro-pop single from emerging songwriter Amanda Steckler – a.k.a. Blonde Maze. Think Grimes meets Mozart’s Sister.
  • “Low Cunning” from NYC-based The Teen Age picks up the pace on the playlist once again with this garage-rock-pop tune. Shimmering guitars and an ’80s vibe make this a track worth repeating.
  • “Paulson” is from young Chicago quartet, Marrow, who consist of four members from the now departed Kids These Days (who were a great, multi-genre band that started off right out of high school). A little rocker of a track, it may have you bopping around.
  • “Wait for You” is from Nashville rockers Arc & Stones, who have established a name for themselves as terrific live performers. They play straight up alternative rock – no bells or whistles with these gents – kind of what Soundgarden and Foo Fighters were in their early years.
  • “Bad Blood”, is a slow-burning, garage-rock tune from Oakland’s Tumbleweed Wanderers. It echoes of UK duo Drenge and a touch of The Black Keys when they were making gritty garage rock. Awesome!
  • “Fremm” is a dreamy, delicious indie song from Portland trio .bed. It’s a shade grungy yet awfully lush, in some ways like Yo La Tengo. It echoes of ’90s indie music at its finest.
  • “Mysterion” by The Yetis harkens back to ’50 and ’60s rock. It’s as if the Allentown, Pennsylvania band has resurrected the great Buddy Holly.
  • “Tallest Tree” is an indie-folk tune from Johannesburg, South Africa sextet Lunatic Wolf. The track is anything but whacky; it’s a terrific tune in the mode of The Head and The Heart.
  • “State of Low” is a sublime, almost ethereal, indie-pop single by Cajsa Siik. It shouldn’t be surprising to know that she comes from Stockholm, a city that is producing some of the best indie- and dream-pop artists today.
  • “Get It Out” by Sacramento band Two Sheds is a mid-tempo burner that recalls early My Morning Jacket. It’s a new single from their sophomore album, Assembling (5/26, Crossbill Records).

Weekend Showcase Apr 3b

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