Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana – a.k.a. Work Drugs – are back with another new single – this time with “My Billie Jean”, a catchy, ’80s-inspired pop-rock track. This song sees the duo return to creating soaring music, like they did when they released “West Coast Slide” two years ago.

They’ve also released Twin Shadow-esque tunes that blend a number of genres to create a laid-back, chill-wave sound, like on “Chase the Night”, which they released a few weeks ago, and “License to Drive”. They dub this kind of music, “sedative wave”, which is extremely apt.

Because of this diversity in sound, they’ve quietly established a pretty large following, yet they remain a Hidden Gem to many people. Check this duo out! Oh, many of the songs can be downloaded for free by clicking on the SoundCloud audio file.

You can hear “My Billie Jean” and 19 other tracks on the April 3rd Edition of The Weekend Showcase , a collection of new music from indie bands that you should get to know.


Work Drugs

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