Harry Tucker was born in Ottawa and now resides in New Jersey. There, he’s been spinning music for ten years, but only for the past year has he been performing under the moniker Young Spines. He’s released a number of singles, including his latest, “Dive”. It’s an experimental, wordly new-wave track that incorporates Middle Eastern and Eastern European sounds blended together with new-wave aesthetics. The result is a terrific, trippy, yet hypnotic track. You can download the track for free on Bandcamp. You can also find a couple of other tracks that Tucker has released on Bandcamp or hear them below.

When performing live, he’s joined by his friends Julian (guitar and vocals), Jordanna (keys and vocals), and Vincent (percussion). It’s a pretty fascinating project that Tucker has in the works.

You can hear “Dive” and 19 other tracks on the April 3rd Edition of The Weekend Showcase , a collection of new music from indie bands that you should get to know.


Young Spines

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