Denton Texas’ Birds of Night are about to release their third record, Birds of Night on April 21st. The band draws influence from many different sources, Birds of Night is an album with a familiar sound. Their previous two records, Snaps and We’re A Family Now were both fairly bluesy and rooted in the 60’s. Birds of Night moves on to something more reminiscent of the ‘70s and we get some heavy, dark rock and roll.

The first track on Birds Of Night, “Dark” starts out with a roaring, fuzzed out bassline, which later becomes completely intertwined with a guitar part that floats both under and below it.  The next track “Love Is Stoned” is a heavy track reminiscent of Black Sabbath. The album takes a pretty big turn at “Marfa Skies”, a poppy, upbeat rocker that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Real Estate record, if it weren’t for the distorted guitar.  “Big Shot” is a killer track, the guitar work is some of the best on the record. Then there’s the badass, fuzzy, “Desert Reflections” which is a frenetic  track with some insane drumming. “Some Kind of Man” slows the pace down before unleashing the epic closer, “Asleep In The Pine” which kicks into an awesome ripper of a solo about halfway through that’s as much Floyd as it is Sabbath.

Birds of Night is an awesome evolution of a band that’s only a few years old. There were personnel changes on this record, their guitarist and drummer left, but they replaced them with two incredible musicians in Jon Aisner (drums) and Alex Adams (guitar) which only helped complement the sound of Andrew Rothlisberger (Vocals & Guitar), and Brooks Martin (bass). These four, plus the production work of Midlake’s McKenzie Smith helped make Birds of Night one of the most complete sounding records we’ve heard so far this year. Be sure to pick it up when it drops on April 21.

Take a listen to “Asleep in the Pine” and “Dark” below, and connect with Birds of Night on Facebook, Twitter, and their website.


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