Calexico take their name from a town on the border of California and Mexico, and the title certainly fits the band who’ve been mixing different musical approaches and cultures together since Joey Burns and John Convertino began working together in the early 90s

With a nice discography spanning over 20 years we have a listen to their newest release Edge Of The SunThe album has many great collaborations (as they often do) including Neko Case, Sam Beam and Ben Bridwell.


Edge Of The Sun is a really great record with a whole plethora of different sounds and styles. One thing about Edge Of The Sun is that it’s impossible to get bored with it. From the throwback sound of “Falling from the Sky” to the Dylanesque “When The Angels Played” to the awesome Latin instrumental “Coyoacán”, this album keeps the listener on their toes. Pair this with the collaborations with Neko Case and Ben Bridwell, and you’ve got one stellar record. Calexico has always been “that band that collaborates with all of my favorite bands” to me. I’m not super knowledgeable about their discography, but after hearing Edge Of The Sun, I feel like I’m about to dig in. My favorite tracks on Edge Of The Sun are the Latin-style “Cumbia de Donde”, the southern-style waltz “Woodshed Waltz”, and the gorgeous duet “Tapping On The Line”. A solid thumbs up from me!






Calexico has always been a band for me that I can just push play and keep on listening. With Edge of the Sun this definitely applies once again. With a lovely display of enthralling harmonies and diversity throughout, the entire 12 tracks hold your attention. I agree with Rich, you will not be bored with this album and there are so many different structures to each song but it still presents itself as a cohesive album that still flows.   You will absolutely get your cultural fix with “Cumbia de Donde” and “Coyoacán”. There are beautiful tracks including “Falling From the Sky”, “When The Angels Played” and “Tapping On The Line”. 

Other notable tracks are the rock tinged “Bullets and Rocks”  and the horn filled closer “Edge of the Sun”.  Big thumbs up for me, and I will definitely be spinning this album again.




If you can’t wait until their April 14th release, the album is streaming over at NPR.


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